Links to application forms are provided below for your convenience. Applicants must download the application package from in order to apply. Consult program Notice of Funding Opportunity to determine which forms are needed for your application. You must download the IMLS forms to your computer and work on them outside your internet browser. When they are complete, save each as a PDF and upload it as part of your application through

IMLS Budget Form (minimum requirements Adobe Reader 7.0.5):
AdobeĀ® PDF (1.7MB)
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IMLS Program Information Form
IMLS American Rescue Plan Program Information Form (PDF, 236KB)

Performance Measurement Plan
IMLS Performance Measurement Plan (DOCX, 25KB)
Office of Library Services Performance Measurement Plan (DOCX, 25KB)
IMLS American Rescue Plan Performance Measurement Plan (DOCX, 25KB)