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The National Museum and Library Services Board, established by 20 U.S.C. § 9105a, advises the agency on general policies with respect to the duties, powers, and authority of IMLS relating to museum, library, and information services, as well as the annual selection of National Medals recipients.


Kathryn K. Matthew, Director, Institute of Museum and Library Services*


Sayeed Choudhury, Maryland

Lisa Funderburke Hoffman, North Carolina

Paula Gangopadhyay, IMLS*

Luis Herrera, California

Lynne M. Ireland, Nebraska

Tammie Kahn, Texas

George Kerscher, Montana

Mary Minow, California

Homa Naficy, Connecticut

Tey Marianna Nunn, New Mexico

Sylvia Orozco, Texas

Jane Pickering, Connecticut

Mort Sajadian, Virginia

Kenneth J. Schutz, Arizona

Annette Evans Smith, Alaska

Jacquelyn K. Sundstrand, Nevada

Beth Takekawa, Washington

Deborah Taylor, Maryland

Suzanne Thorin, New York

Robert Wedgeworth, Illinois

Nancy E. Weiss, IMLS*

Jonathan L. Zittrain, Massachusetts


*Nonvoting members

Meeting Notices

The anticipated date for the 39th meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board is June 12, 2019. Further details will be published in the Federal Register as the agenda for the meeting is finalized.

February 14, 2019: Special Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board
November 1, 2018: 38th Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board