IMLS provides Personal Assistance Services (PAS) to employees or applicants who may need assistance performing basic life activities, including, but not limited to, as examples, removing or putting on clothing, using the restroom, or eating. Employees or applicants may request PAS in the same manner that they make a Reasonable Accommodation Request. The employee or applicant must indicate within the request which types of basic human functions are to be assisted. If an employee or applicant needing a PAS also needs assistance with job-related tasks, he/she may submit a separate request for Reasonable Accommodation to address the essential functions of the job for which an accommodation may be needed. The process for determining whether PAS can be provided by IMLS will follow the same protocol as a Reasonable Accommodation request. For additional information or to make a request, please contact Antoine Dotson, Director of Human Resources, at 202-653-4728 or