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How to Navigate eGMS Reach (PDF, 629KB)
This document describes how both awardees and panelists can navigate and view information in the eGMS Reach online awards management system.

How to Set Up an eGMS Reach Account (PDF, 368KB)
eGMS Reach is used by awardees to manage their awards and by reviewers who participate in peer review panels. Each such user will receive an email to initiate the process of creating an eGMS Reach account.

How to Submit a Change Request in eGMS Reach (PDF, 594KB)
This document describes how to submit requests for approval of changes relating to your award through eGMS Reach. They are called “Change Requests” here.

How to Submit a Payment Request in eGMS Reach (PDF, 464KB)
This document describes how to submit a payment request in eGMS Reach.

How to Submit a Report in eGMS Reach (PDF, 1MB)
This document describes how to submit a report in eGMS Reach.

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