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Staff Directory

Office of the Director


Name Position Email Phone
Director 202-653-4644
STEM and Community Engagement Advisor 202-653-4752
Project Specialist/Scheduling Requests 202-653-4798
Director of Equal Employment Opportunity/Civil Rights

Office of General Counsel


Name Position Email Phone
General Counsel 202-653-4640
Deputy General Counsel 202-653-4675
Associate General Counsel 202-653-4712
Assistant General Counsel 202-653-4653
Legal Policy/ Management Officer 202-653-4642
Congressional Affairs Officer 202-653-4628
Legal Administrative Specialist

Office of the Chief Operating Officer


Name Position Email Phone
Chief Operating Officer - Acting 202-653-4672

Office of Human Resources


Name Position Email Phone
Director of Human Resources 202-653-4728
Senior Human Resources Specialist 202-653-4632
Human Resources Specialist 202-653-4676

Office of the Chief Financial Officer


Name Position Email Phone
Chief Financial Officer 202-653-4672
Senior Accountant 202-653-4658
Contracting Officer 202-653-4696
Contracting Specialist
Operations Specialist 202-653-4796
Administrative Support Specialist 202-653-4777

Office of Grants Policy and Management


Name Position Email Phone
Director of Grants Policy and Management
Lead Grants Management Specialist
Grants Management Specialist 202-653-4762
Financial Specialist 202-653-4751

Office of Communications


Name Position Email Phone
Director of Strategic Communications
Communications Manager 202-653-4630
Communications Specialist 202-653-4701
Web Content Manager 202-653-4754

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Name Position Email Phone
Chief Information Officer 202-653-4690
Deputy Chief Information Officer
IT Project Manager 202-653-4638
Information Technology Specialist 202-653-4694
Information Technology Specialist 202-653-4643
Information Technology Specialist (Network)
Information Technology Specialist (Security Officer)
Records and Information Management Specialist 202-653-4686

Office of Digital and Information Strategy

Name Position Email Phone
Senior Evaluation Officer 202-653-4760
Senior Statistician 202-653-4649
Program Analyst 202-653-4647

Office of Museum Services


Name Position Email Phone
Deputy Director of Museum Services 202-653-4717
Administrative/Project Specialist 202-653-4702

Office of Museum Services, Discretionary Programs


Name Position Email Phone
Chief Administrator 202-653-4685
Supervisory Grants Management Specialist 202-653-4636
Supervisory Grants Management Specialist 202-653-4779
Senior Museum Program Officer 202-653-4667
Senior Museum Program Officer 202-653-4634
Senior Museum Program Officer 202-653-4641
Museum Program Officer 202-653-4635
Museum Program Officer 202-653-4637
Museum Program Specialist 202-653-4782
Museum Program Specialist 202-653-4753
Office Automation Assistant 202-653-4709
Museum Program Specialist

Office of Library Services


Name Position Email Phone
Deputy Director for Library Services 202-653-4650
Administrative Specialist 202-653-4644

Office of Library Services, Discretionary Programs


Name Position Email Phone
Associate Deputy Director
Senior Program Officer 202-653-4791
Senior Program Officer 202-653-4662
Senior Program Officer 202-653-4740
Senior Program Officer 202-653-4730
Senior Program Officer 202-653-4783
Program Specialist 202-653-4719
Program Specialist 202-653-4761
Senior Grant Management Specialist

Office of Library Services, State Programs


Name Position Email Phone
Associate Deputy Director - State Programs 202-653-4778
Senior Program Officer 202-653-4786
Senior Program Officer 202-653-4656
Senior Program Officer 202-653-4661
Program Specialist 202-653-4617