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Enchanted Garden Explorer Packs

July 22, 2013

By Ann Hackeling
Enchanted Garden Coordinator and Instructor, Howard County Library Miller Branch

You might notice children huddled around the Peter Rabbit Patch at Howard County Library's (HCLS) Enchanted Garden. Those children are exploring the garden and learning about Peter Rabbit's favorite foods with HCLS new Explorer Packs. Created to provide young children a purposeful, self-guided garden activity, the packs include everything to engage in garden activities supported by HCLS collection. The spring season Peter Rabbit Explorer Pack enables children to use Old Mrs. Rabbit's grocery list to find vegetables growing throughout the garden and learn the difference between root vegetables and leafy vegetables, all favorites of Peter Rabbit. The packs also have hand lenses to get a close up look of young seedlings and coloring supplies to draw favorite vegetables. Time in the Enchanted Garden with the Explorer Pack may stimulate a few appetites, so a recipe for Peter Rabbit Carrot Wraps is offered for home preparation. Bon appetite little bunnies!