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Summertime in the Garden

June 24, 2013

By Courtney Reid
Youth Programs Instructor, Gardens on Spring Creek
Fort Collins, Colo.

The Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins, Colo. provides year-round opportunities for exploration and experiential investigation of gardening, healthy eating, fitness, and how that correlates to the natural world. Yearly summer camps are offered with themes ranging from “Insect Investigators” to “Art in the Garden”.

Geared towards children aged 6-11 years, summer camp is full of garden–centric games, art, and healthy cooking demonstrations. The “Gardeners and Chefs” summer camp teaches children about etiquette, the importance of eating right and the basics of how to prepare food that they and their entire families will enjoy. By encouraging participants to cook together, eat together, and clean together, this summer camp fosters recognition of the value of healthy family meals and how that builds cohesiveness and support among members.

Another opportunity offered by The Gardens includes a cooking series called “Food for Life – the Power of Foods for Kids.” This class is geared for ages 4-12 and highlights the positives of the four food groups and empowers children with the knowledge and skills they need to establish healthy habits to carry them well into adulthood. Through our hands-on cooking sessions that feature “Bang-Up Breakfasts” to “Rainbow Lunches”, our mission continues to target initiatives that provide learning while making a difference in the lives of children in our community.