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How to Access Webinars

IMLS-hosted webinars use the Blackboard Collaborate system. If you are a first-time user of Blackboard Collaborate, check your system compatibility in advance of the webinar. You will be able to confirm that your operating system and Java are up-to-date, and enter a Configuration Room that will allow you to configure your connection speed and audio settings before the webinar begins. (If you choose to enter a Configuration Room, please note that the IMLS webinar will use Blackboard version 12.6.)

When running the webinar, you may be prompted to install the latest version of Java. If you get system prompts while logging in, choose “Run,” “Accept,” or “OK.”

During live webinars, you may listen to the audio over your telephone (using the phone number listed with the webinar link) or through your computer’s speakers.

When participating in a live webinar, you may be required to provide a name to enter the webinar room. Please note that the name you enter will be visible to all participants in the webinar and we will use it to call on you if you have a question.