• IMLS Focus Summary Report: National Digital Platform

    This summary report outlines the major discussion points of the IMLS Focus convening on the National Digital Platform, held on April 28, 2015. The report highlights some of the key themes and issues raised by convening presenters and participants.

  • Connecting to Collections: Analysis of IMLS C2C Statewide Planning Grants

    This analysis reviews one component of the Connecting to Collections Initiative, the Statewide Planning Grants, which were designed to “encourage each state, commonwealth, and territory to develop plans for collections care and management, including emergency preparedness plans.” A total of 57 Statewide Planning Grants were awarded in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

  • 2015 National Medal for Museum and Library Service brochure

    The National Medal is an annual award made to museums and libraries that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to public service through innovative programs and community partnerships.

  • Research Brief No. 6: First Grade Student Library Card Ownership Linked to Library Visitation

    A library card provides greater independence and access to literacy and information, while signifying increased responsibility and self-efficacy. Are there differences between children who do or do not have a library card? This brief focuses on children’s library card ownership in the first grade.

  • FY 2016 Guide to Museum Funding Programs and Opportunities

    This four-page overview of IMLS museum funding programs provides succinct information on the Office of Museum Services' FY 2016 grant and award programs, as well as agency initiatives and partnerships of interest to the museum community.

  • 2014 Annual Report

    The Institute of Museum and Library Services FY 2014 annual report presents agency activity highlights from October 2013 - September 2014.

  • Office of Museum Services Update for FY 2014

    With succinct text and bold infographics, the report presents an accessible look the grant programs, strategic priorities, and the types of organizations and projects that were funded in 2014 by the Office of Museum Services.

  • 2016 Congressional Budget Justification

    The Institute of Museum and Library Service's Fiscal Year 2016 Appropriations Request to the United States Congress

  • Public Libraries in the United States Survey: Fiscal Year 2012

    The Public Libraries in the United States Survey (PLS) examines when, where, and how library services are changing to meet the needs of the public. These data, supplied annually by more than 97 percent of public libraries across the country, provide information that policymakers and practitioners can use to make informed decisions about the support and strategic management of libraries.

  • 2014 Performance and Accountability Report Publication Thumb

    2014 Performance and Accountability Report

    This annual report provides an overview of IMLS’s strategic goals, a description of our model of evidence-based program design, a description of how each of our grant programs contributed to our approach, and an in-depth description of five strategic priorities for fiscal year 2014.