Cohorts of Community Catalyst grantees from 2017 and 2018 are receiving capacity-building and coaching support in Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). The ABCD approach is a strategy for sustainable community-driven development that relies on local community members. It includes individuals who are often left out of planning and decision making to foster conditions for broad ownership of the development process. Approaches and tools are gleaned from current practices in museums and libraries, community development projects, capacity-building investments, and researchers and data analysts who seek to identify potential levers and outcomes to effect community change.

Grantees are also applying developmental evaluation to their projects. This evaluative approach allows them to innovate in complex and uncertain environments while implementing projects focused on social change. They are able to actively monitor and adjust approaches and assumptions to enhance the outcomes of their projects. Support to grantees for ABCD and developmental evaluation is provided through a partnership with DePaul University and the Asset-Based Community Development Institute.

Theory of Change

Theory of Change (PDF, 134 KB) establishes actions, outputs, and longer term outcomes that are anticipated from capacity-building and research projects.

Outcomes & Indicators

Coming soon.