June 29, 2023

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Submissions for 2024 National Medal Honoring Libraries and Museums that are Teaching Skills, Expanding Access, and Making Connections Due by September 1

National Medal Museum and Library Service medallion

Washington, DC—The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) will begin accepting nominations June 30 for the National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the highest honor awarded to museums and libraries. Members of the public, board members, volunteers, or government officials are welcome to nominate an institution.

“The IMLS National Medal celebrates libraries and museums that are making a difference for individuals, families, and communities across the country,” said IMLS Director Crosby Kemper. “These institutions are the cornerstone of society—preserving local culture, providing critical educational opportunities, and helping those in need. We urge the public to join us in recognizing the libraries and museums that are going above and beyond for their communities by nominating them for the 2024 National Medal.”

The National Medal recognizes outstanding libraries and museums of every type and size that deeply impact their communities by, for example:

  • fostering a lifelong passion for learning for all people, nourishing curiosity and imagination from early childhood through adulthood, for people of all abilities and needs;

  • providing access to information by building a literate, well-informed community and advancing digital capacity, focusing on digital inclusion and access to digital and informational resources, including e-books and materials to help address workforce development and public health;

  • enriching the lives of community members by being trusted community spaces for convening, connection, and conversation; enlightenment and shared thoughts and opinions; and preserving natural and cultural heritage and community memory; and

  • responding to the unprecedented challenges of recent years to revitalize and renew organizational practice.

Nominations are open from June 30 to September 1. Anyone, including the organization’s employees, board members, community members, and elected officials, may nominate a museum or library for this honor. An organization that is nominated either by an outside nominator or by self-nomination must complete the Nomination Form to be considered. Components of the nomination form include organizational information, an overview and narrative, and letters of support.

For more information and a list of frequently asked questions, visit the National Medal nomination page. To learn more about the museums and libraries who have previously been selected to receive a National Medal, visit www.imls.gov/medals. The 2023 National Medal winners are being recognized at a ceremony in Washington, DC this summer.

IMLS is the primary source of federal support for the nation's libraries and museums. In support of the intrinsic role that libraries and museums play in promoting informed, healthy, vibrant communities, IMLS awarded $244.9 million total grant funding in Fiscal Year 2022. IMLS awarded $28.3 million across 225 projects through its competitive library grant programs, and $44.6 million across 280 projects through its competitive museum grant programs. Representing the largest source of federal funding support for library services, IMLS additionally funded 59 grants totaling $168.8 million in funding to all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Territories, and the Freely Associated States through its population-based formula program, Grants to States.

About the Institute of Museum and Library Services
The Institute of Museum and Library Services is the primary source of federal support for the nation's libraries and museums. We advance, support, and empower America's museums, libraries, and related organizations through grantmaking, research, and policy development. IMLS envisions a nation where individuals and communities have access to museums and libraries to learn from and be inspired by the trusted information, ideas, and stories they contain about our diverse natural and cultural heritage. To learn more, visit www.imls.gov and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

National Medal for Museum and Library Service