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Grants to State Programs

The Grants to States Program

The Grants to States Program is the largest grant program run by IMLS; it provides funds to State Library Administrative Agencies (SLAAs) using a population-based formula set by the law. SLAAs determine goals and objectives for the funds in their statutorily required five-year plan (see below). For more information, see the Grants to States program overview.

    YearAllotment Value
    2018 $8,644,793.00
    2019 $8,877,156.00
    2020 $8,971,754.00
    2021 $9,053,930.00
    2022 $8,900,550.00
    5 Year Plan Text

    Each state creates a 5-year plan for its programs to strengthen the efficiency, reach, and effectiveness of library services. View all states' plans.

    5 year plan
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    5 Year Evaluation Text

    At the end of a 5-year period, each state reports their results in achieving goals and objectives projected in their 5-Year Plan. View all states' evaluations.

    5 year evaluation
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    "Florida’s libraries provide innovative services in response to local community needs. Some of these services include: private high school education; children’s robotics programs; loaning unusual items such as cake pans, fishing poles, telescopes and art; offering cooking classes; providing therapy dogs; and partnerships with local organizations. The staff from Florida’s libraries share these innovations with one another through trainings, newsletters and social media campaigns."

    -- Amy Johnson, Director, Division of Library and Information Services

    Project Examples

    Therapeutic Library for Women at DACCO
    The project team at the University of South Florida designed a therapeutic library for women residents of the Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office, Inc. (DACCO) facility in Tampa, Florida. The DACCO library offers services that focus on providing therapeutic outcomes consistent with the facility’s treatment goals. Service includes circulation, reference services, and health literacy instruction. The library collection is made up of non-fiction, self-help books, young-adult fiction, and therapeutic-based graphic novels. The resources are offered in multiple formats and in Spanish.  Circulation services are provided to both the residents and the mental health professionals. Reference services are available to help the residents with information about their treatment, job searching, and skills development. Health literacy and bibliotherapy support are also major functions of the library.
    IMLS Funds: $63,631

    College Melt Club
    Broward County Libraries Division used grant funds to address “summer melt.” A student has "melted" if he or she fails to transition to college after being accepted, enrolling in financial aid and taking other concrete steps.  The Broward County Teen College Melt Club project addressed the issue at six branches. The club supported at-risk high school seniors and their families through weekly club meetings that offered mentoring, college counseling, social events, confidence-building events, parent education and access to technology and the Internet. The Steering Committee and Project Staff developed a new club logo, featuring a rather timid bird wearing a college sweater called EMU:  Educate, Motivate YOU! 
    IMLS Funds: $80,000

    Assistance for E-Rate
    The Florida Division of Library and Information Services’ project Assistance for E-Rate provides statewide technology support for libraries in two critical areas. The areas are E-Rate support and broadband planning and implementation. E-Rate is a complicated process, and many libraries require additional help at some point in their application process.  The E-Rate consultant answered librarians’ E-Rate questions and advised the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) as part of the State Coordinators group. The consultant also served as an advisor to the Department of Management Services, who oversees the State of Florida E-Rate contracts. 
    IMLS Funds: $28,680

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    Search the Awarded Grants Database for additional details about awards in this state or view the State Details Dashboard..

    View the IMLS funding by state report - Florida (PDF) with additional information about all IMLS funding for this state (FY 2011 – FY 2016).

    Five-Year Plan Highlights

    Goal 1 - Services: Floridians use information and innovative and responsive services from all types of libraries and archives that meet diverse information needs.

    • Projects include:
      • Users access libraries that understand and respond positively to the diverse needs of different geographical locations, cultures, ages, abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and education levels.
      • Users access desired information and educational resources and services in various formats.
      • Users benefit from and engage in programs that promote all types of literacy, including reading and technology skills.

    Goal 2 - Strengthen Libraries: Floridians use libraries with staff, resources and facilities that transform to meet user needs.

    • Projects include:
      • Libraries provide users improved services through resource sharing.
      • Library staff and stakeholders are trained and have competencies to meet current and future needs of library users with evolving services and resources
      • Libraries have a technology infrastructure that is flexible and innovative.
      • Libraries have support for ongoing development to provide continually improved services.
      • Libraries benefit from strategic relationships and partnerships with public and private entitites to develop and implement innovative, responsive, and sustainable services.

    IMLS Data Collection

    State Library Administrative Agency Survey
    The State Library Administrative Agency Survey (SLAA) provides descriptive data about state library agencies for all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

    Public Libraries Survey
    The Public Libraries Survey (PLS) provides national descriptive data on the status of public libraries in the United States and its territories. Explore state profiles representing more than 9,000 public library systems and over 17,000 public library outlets.