New Mexico State Library Foundation (New Mexico State Library)

Log Number: RE-252350-OLS-22

New Mexico State Library, in partnership with Creative Startups, Cuyahoga County Public Library System, New Jersey State Library’s NJLibsGrowBiz, Memphis Library System, and Idaho Commission for Libraries, will provide training and technical support to enable libraries to better serve small businesses and entrepreneurs from historically underserved populations. The project team will build a diverse network of national entrepreneurship librarians; host a training that equips librarians with the skills they need to offer ongoing support to local entrepreneurs and small businesses; and publish a guide so libraries can transform into hubs. The entrepreneurship librarians network and how-to guide will enable libraries to identify gaps in their local ecosystems and connect with local strategic partners and stakeholders to provide critical support for new and emerging businesses. Library staff, potential entrepreneurs, small businesses, and local economies will benefit from this project.