Sault Sainte Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians

Log Number: MN-252054-OMS-22

The Ojibwe Learning Center and Library (OLCL) will develop an arts program to identify and support Anishinaabe art and artists to strengthen their ability to build, maintain, and preserve cultural knowledge. Project activities include conducting an Arts Needs Assessment Survey, establishing an Arts Advisory Group, and developing art workshop programming. The program will provide under-served and under-recognized Anishinaabe artists with professional development opportunities, help build their skills while developing avenues for financial support, connect mentors and mentees, and encourage the emergence of a new generation of Anishinaabe artists. As a result, the OLCL will further its mission to educate the community about their culture, support cultural preservation efforts, and provide a platform for rematriating cultural and artistic practices.