Papaku No Kameha'ikana

Log Number: MN-249273-OMS-21

Papaku No Kameha'ikana will document the history and lineage of hula—the traditional dance of Native Hawaiian people. Originally intended to be passed from master teacher to student, hula has been popularized around the world, resulting in forms that no longer resemble the traditions handed down from generation to generation. The project will produce 24 webinars posted online and 12 workshops targeting 200 persons. The project team will produce a book on hula legacy and will conduct interviews with descendants of master teachers. Eight students will participate in collections management, cataloging and application design as they assist with the interviews and their transcription. The long-term goal of the project is to ensure the transmission of the legacy of hula, which is not only the traditional Hawaiian dance but also the foundation of oral history, ceremony, spirituality, healing, and wellness.