Hosanna School Museum

Log Number: MH-253307-OMS-23

The Hosanna School Museum will build capacity to expand access to its sites and collections by hiring a new full-time Associate Director position and creating a paid internship program. The increased staff capacity will lead to the creation of grade-specific materials covering the period of Slavery to Reconstruction in Harford County and across the nation; a related trunk show for in-class pre-visit presentations; traveling exhibitions for schools and public buildings; experiential bus tours; Underground Railroad immersive experiences; field trips to relevant sites of memory; walking tours through historically impactful communities; film screenings; panel discussions; and docent training. Through expanded programming and new exhibits this project will engage the public in learning about African Americans’ quest for education in the Reconstruction era after the American Civil War and provide consistent access to the Hosanna School Museum and McComas Institute, a landmark Freedmen’s Bureau schoolhouse site.