Alabama African American Civil Rights Heritage Sites Consortium

Log Number: MH-249148-OMS-21

The Alabama African American Civil Rights Heritage Sites Consortium will provide access to primary source documents and individual stories about the places and people of the civil rights movement at 20 sites in Montgomery, Selma and Birmingham. The project will identify and digitize paper documents, public records, photographs, and other materials that authenticate the history and culture of the historic sites and their communities through Community Curation events to encourage local citizens to share materials from their family and personal collections. The oral history collection will be expanded from 21 current interviews to over 50 during the project period. A digital archivist will be hired to oversee the development of the digital archives, managing digital collection storage, searchability, security and accessibility. The project will also include two paid research fellowships for graduate students and three paid internships for students. This collection will give a voice to community activists and leaders whose stories have largely gone untold and unrecorded.