9th and 10th Horse Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers Museum

Log Number: MH-00-18-0001-18

The Buffalo Soldiers Museum will collaborate with the Lewis Army Museum and Schools Out Washington, a local organization providing guidance for non-school programming, to design and present a summer learning program suitable for a broad range of grades and ages. The museum will hire an education program development specialist to develop a pilot museum-based program to teach students about the contributions, struggles and achievements African Americans, namely the Buffalo Soldiers, and other diverse populations made to our nation's military, security, cultural, and social fabric. The four-hour summer learning program module will include lecture guides, critical thinking exercises, videos, puzzles and games, art projects, dramatic play, and interpersonal skills development. The project will also include developing partnerships with the Boys and Girls Club, Metro Parks, United Way, and the National Park Service, and is intended to help lessen summer learning loss.