Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor (National Canal Museum)

Log Number: MA-249301-OMS-21

The Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, on behalf of the National Canal Museum, will conduct a wall-to-wall inventory of the museum's main collections storage facility and physically and digitally improve access to the objects stored there. This three-year project will inventory the collections housed at the museum's offsite storage facility, resulting in new or updated records for approximately 10,000 objects with digital images. Collections include personnel and financial records from the Lehigh Crane Iron collection, the Dixie collection of 20th century Dixie products and 16 mm films produced by Bethlehem Steel Corporation. The museum will hire a full-time inventory coordinator and train three paid interns to assist with the inventory over the course of the project. They hope to increase public awareness of the project and of the museum's collections through regular outreach via social media and other digital platforms.