Montana State Library

Log Number: LS-246544-OLS-20

The Montana State Library will use funds under the CARES Act to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus; to expand digital network access, purchase internet accessible devices, and provide technical support services.  They will continue to support the goals of their Five-Year Plan for FY 2018-2022. In Montana, specific goals address 1) The Montana State Library encouraging, planning, implementing, and supporting libraries with collaborative efforts; 2) The Montana library community speaking in a way that reveals its interconnectedness and establishes a cohesive "Montana library" identity that helps community members understand that libraries are for their lives right now as well as for their lifetimes; 3) Librarians, advisory members, and board members listening to their community members to design library services that make a difference in the community while continuing to bridge digital/traditional library services; 4) Every Montanan having access to the Internet; and 5) Library community having adequate and stable support to provide the best library service possible.