Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Libraries)

Log Number: LG-254883-OLS-23

The Center for Digital Research & Scholarship at Virginia Tech Libraries and the University of California, Riverside Libraries will prototype a data curation pipeline for large biomedical images. Using image data generated from the Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy Collaboration Core (F-SCC) at Yale University School of Medicine, the team will explore the problem space of AI-assisted, human-in-the-loop segmentation of nanoscale biomedical images. In the study, librarians will work closely with domain scientists to identify and clarify key challenges by thoroughly replicating, comparing, and extending two complementary research projects. Task specialization associated with modern science naturally requires more cross-disciplinary collaboration, including that of qualified librarians to play the specialist role in cutting-edge scientific collaborations. This project will lay the foundation for a future project where library technologists and informationists will continue to contribute key expertise to cutting-edge science.

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