Urban Libraries Council

Log Number: LG-252555-OLS-22

This project is designed as a pilot to demonstrate the value of library-barbershop partnerships in addressing literacy rates in underserved communities. The Urban Libraries Council will partner with Barbershop Books to build and support a network of 40 barbershops and four public library systems to provide effective and community-based literacy services for underserved children. Project outcomes will include increased access for children to influential adults who can inspire and encourage out-of-school time reading and positive attitudes toward reading; increased awareness among libraries of the value of employing a culturally authentic approach in engaging underserved communities; increased involvement of local leaders who can influence and expand literacy efforts; strengthened capacity for libraries to be a major factor in reducing reading opportunity and achievement gaps; the demonstration of scalable models for library-barbershop collaborations; and a set of resources including a draft framework for libraries as literacy equity leaders.