Howard County Library

Log Number: LG-246262-OLS-20

Howard County Library System (HCLS) will develop contextualized English language classes that support career pathways and improve English language proficiency at the workplace and in academic settings for skilled immigrants. The goal of this project is to pilot the development of a model for library systems that answers the following questions: 1. How can a library enhance and support the workforce development needs of a growing skilled immigrant population? and 2. What strategies can address barriers that are preventing many immigrants from advancing out of low-wage jobs? Libraries are an important entry point to community services for new Americans, and job training is a high priority for this growing population. In communities across the country, many employers are having trouble finding enough skilled workers for .high-demand fields such as science, information technology, engineering, and finance, and may be unaware of how to connect with the many qualified, skilled immigrants already in the country. The primary objectives for the year-long pilot project is divided into three phases: 1. analysis/needs assessment, 2. curriculum development, and 3. piloting classes that support libraries in serving as a conduit between immigrants and employers
Project Proposals