University at Buffalo (Department of Information Science)

Log Number: LG-18-19-0032-19

Researchers at the University at Buffalo and Indiana University-Indianapolis, seek to conduct a three-year Research in Service to Practice project investigating faculty perspectives of student privacy and their practices in relation to emerging learning analytics (LA) tools and initiatives. The project seeks to examine the following research questions: RQ 1: What privacy resources do faculty incorporate into their courses? RQ 2: How do faculty address student privacy in their instructional designs and adoption of educational technologies? RQ 3: What student privacy issues are faculty aware of, especially in relation to learning analytics? RQ 4: What student privacy values do faculty promote, and how do these values inform their instruction? RQ 5: How do institutional conditions impact faculty's student privacy views, and how and with whom can they address student privacy in their instruction and at their institution?
Project Proposals