Westmoreland Sanctuary Nature Center and Museum

Log Number: IGSM-245233-OMS-20

The Westmoreland Sanctuary Nature Center and Museum will develop an interactive educational museum exhibition to teach visitors about pond ecology, watershed health, and sustainable resource management and encourage them to become more involved in environmental conservation. The museum will use its pond ecology curriculum, which comports with Next Generation Science Standards, to educate approximately 10,000 visitors annually. The interactive exhibition will include a touchable model of a pond's edge; a roll-out specimen drawer with additional taxidermy such as a green heron, frog, spotted salamander, or freshwater clam; and a microscope with slides of rainwater so students can see the "life" in a drop of water. Multi-level, take-home reading materials aimed at elementary, middle/high school, and adult learners will further promote science literacy and provide concrete ways individuals can get involved in their communities to support sustainable aquatic ecosystems.