Hi‘ipaka, LLC

Log Number: CAGNA-248148-OMLS-20

Hi'ipaka, LLC will preserve jobs by training staff and developing content to address the digital divide, provide technical support, and build capacity for digital inclusion of and engagement with the botanical garden and library audience at Waimea Valley, Oahu. In this way, the staff will be better able to sustain the invaluable cultural connections, economic resources, and vital information contained in the collection. Hi'ipaka's goal is to preserve and perpetuate the human, cultural, and natural resources of Waimea Valley for generations through education and stewardship. The project will create the full range of digital content, including online videos, digital curriculum lesson plans, interactive virtual maps, informational website posts, interactive online seminars (webinars), an integrated digital library catalog system and mapped database, as well as offer trained staff to support the use and sustainability of these products.