Everett, City Of (Everett Public Library)

Log Number: CAGML-248274-OMLS-20

Everett Public Library will expand its community's access to technology resources for job searches, small business development, government services, and education in response to pandemic-related unemployment rates well above the national average. The library will purchase and circulate 20 Chromebooks and 20 wireless hotspots to be used primarily by job seekers and those training for new careers. On-site computers have historically been a popular and essential public service for accessing resources and applying for jobs at the library. It will also provide public education sessions, including one-on-one Book-a-Librarian meetings and planned classes on technology and skills to search for and obtain employment. Everett Public Library will continue to partner with WorkSource to engage community and governmental partners for outreach, education, and promotion of this vital service to get the needed technology into the hands of those who need it most.