Maryland Department of Planning (Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum)

Log Number: CAGML-247527-OMLS-20

The Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum will strengthen its long-term capacity to produce accessible digital educational resources for K-12 and college-level educators on archaeology, history, preservation, and ecology. With the onset of COVID-19, and the resulting cancellation of the museum's in-person summer and fall activities, its plans to develop these resources have been accelerated. The museum will hire a digital education coordinator to oversee the project and a digital education content developer to create and manage the content and budget for travel and publication funds, computing, and photography/videography equipment. The project will convert in-person programming to digital content and create new content that meets needs identified through research and analysis. The museum will create a resource center on its website and identify an open educational resource (OER) host for the content to reach the widest possible audience.