Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Foundation, The

Log Number: CAGML-246962-OMLS-20

The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library will design programs focused on history and civic engagement for nonprofit service providers, teachers, and the public in response to the disruption in education resulting from the COVID-19 health emergency. The library will collaborate with and provide programs to agencies that work with underserved transgenerational populations, including two homeless shelters, a center that provides child care for low-income individuals, a Boys and Girls Club, two YMCAs, and an organization that provides services for seniors. The project team will develop age-appropriate materials that can be delivered in multiple ways, including digital content and educational activity boxes. A "Build a Quarantine Museum" program will allow local community members to tell the story of themselves during the COVID-19 crisis. The project will also produce teacher resources that will focus on teaching difficult subjects through primary resources.