Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana

Log Number: ARPNA-250986-OMLS-22

The Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana will create an indoor-outdoor exhibit based on the Koasati concept of "Ihoochastontihchotok" ("Bringing (something) From the Past into the Future"). It will include a series of immersive, interconnected, museum walking and driving exhibits that show visitors how the long-ago time (Ihoochakittap) and present time are connected through daily habits, values, and shared activities. Both online and in-person options for participation will be available. On-site, they will replace high-touch imbedded digital display surfaces with iPads that can be swapped out and cleaned several times a day to respond to pandemic-related issues. They also plan to expand outdoor work and demonstration areas for tribal artisans and outdoor interactive and experiential exhibit areas. These new exhibits respond to the need to strengthen community connections and healing through exhibitions, programs and events that highlight their cultural resiliency following the COVID-19 pandemic.