Organized Village of Kake

Log Number: ARPNA-250472-OMLS-22

The Organized Village of Kake, a federally recognized Alaskan Tribe, will transform the Tribe's archival collection from a library-only version to an easy-to-use, publicly available online platform to help the community foster positive and lasting improvements and combat some of the social and cultural isolation it has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the Tribe's archived audio and video recordings contain content on cultural survival, community self-reliance, identity formation, cultural values of self-worth and respect, and Tribal law. The archive will reconnect youth and families with the rich Tlingít history and culture of the people of Kake and allow the community to expand and share its archival collections to build and sustain a strong and resilient community that knows its stories and history and exhibits the values that have helped the community thrive for millennia.