Museum of Western Colorado

Log Number: ARPML-250947-OMLS-22

The Museum of Western Colorado will take a three-step approach to improving its collection. First, it will establish the Dinosaurs Macabre exhibit, which will look at the interconnected world of dinosaurs through their ecosystems, bodily functions, death, decay, injuries, and disease. Next, the museum will develop a 2020 pandemic online exhibition that will include oral histories collected from local residents about their experience with the pandemic, including public health professionals, the Latinx and American Indian communities, and other individuals. The pandemic exhibition will also include a portal for users to document their experiences. Finally, the museum will make more than 5,000 artifacts, specimens, archival materials, and works of art accessible online to the public, allowing researchers, students, teachers, and others to search on their own without having to come into the museum during the ongoing pandemic and beyond.