Stepping Stones Museum for Children

Log Number: ARPML-250893-OMLS-22

Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Connecticut will hire a multimedia director and continue to retain an audiovisual consultant who is refining the museum’s video production process, the centerpiece of a new e-community platform funded by other sources and launching in early 2022. This work will allow the museum to deepen its expertise in creating, curating, and presenting digital media in English and Spanish. The individuals in these roles will help frame and advance the museum objective to better pair digital resources with hands-on activity kits and supports, as well as establish a schedule of gradually increasing in-person, on-site experiences that will be launched after November 2021. The museum will track project management milestones and deliverables and will evaluate milestones using an overarching logic model and the Results-Based Accountability™ model matrix. This initiative will address the community need for multimedia and hybrid learning resources caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.