Journey Museum

Log Number: ARPML-250650-OMLS-22

The Journey Museum in Rapid City, South Dakota will partner with the Rapid City Public Library to develop the "Remembering, Honoring, and Moving Forward after the 1972 Black Hills Flood" project. This digital curation, oral history, and exhibit (virtual and in-person) project tells the story of the 1972 flood that will include multiple perspectives looking beyond mourning and heroism to fully examine the impact of the event. This project will incorporate the previously excluded Native American perspective to address how they were disproportionally affected by the flood and will attempt to correct inaccurately recorded death rates in the Native American Community--rates that were previously misreported and underrepresented. The project is intended to help Rapid City recover from the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a new paid position while including the region's Native American voices, who are also disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. The project will be implemented while Rapid City considers how it will track and include the Native American experience of the pandemic.