Burlesque Hall of Fame

Log Number: ARPML-250490-OMLS-22

The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas will digitize its collection to create online programming, which has become essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of its effort to develop an inclusive online strategy that can reach wider and more diverse audiences and researchers with an interest in dance, theater, movies, working-class history, women's history, and ethnic studies. The museum will create high-quality scans of its collection items, catalog them appropriately, and add them to a collection database. Curated selections will become available through online exhibitions, social media projects, and a searchable database. The museum will also digitize part of its collection of 8 mm, 16 mm, and 35 mm film, and will make available a collection of midcentury films demonstrating historical styles of burlesque and the nature of "exploitation" films and other B movies.