Purpose: The State Library Administrative Agency (SLAA) survey provides descriptive information about state library agencies.

Coverage: The data are collected from 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Content: The data includes information on state library agency identification, governance, public service hours, service outlets, collections, library service transactions, library development transactions, services to other libraries in the state, allied operations, staff, income, expenditures, and electronic services and other related information.

Frequency: Collected annually since 1994. Since 2010, data collection occurs every two years.

Methods: The data are collected over the Internet via a Web based reporting system.

Use: These data collected are useful to Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA), policymakers in the executive and legislative branches of federal and state governments, government and library administrators at the federal, state, and local levels, the American Library Association and its members or customers, library and public policy researchers, the public, journalists, and others.

Please note that the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) conducted the SLAAs Surveys and produced the data files between Fiscal Year (FY) 1994 and FY 2005.

Fiscal Year Data Files Documentation Report
2022 CSV (CSV, 122 KB), SAS (ZIP, 91 KB), SPSS (SAV, 688 KB) PDF (2.3 MB)  
2020 CSV (CSV, 151 KB), SAS (ZIP, 1.04 MB), SPSS (SAV, 393 KB) PDF (2.3 MB) SLAA Adaptations in the Initial Months of COVID-19 (May 2022)
Roles and Functions of SLAAs; 2000 and 2020 (Nov 2021)
2018 CSV (CSV, 164 KB), SAS (ZIP, 58 KB), SPSS (SAV, 253 KB) PDF (3 MB) Report
2016 CSV (ZIP, 29 KB), SAS (ZIP, 40 KB) PDF (1.43 MB) Report
2014 CSV (ZIP, 24 KB), SAS (ZIP, 47 KB) PDF (1.9 MB) Report
2012 1 CSV (ZIP, 25 KB), SAS (ZIP, 45 KB) PDF (428 KB) Report
2010 FLAT (ZIP, 27 KB), SAS (ZIP, 46 KB) PDF (1.0 MB) Report
2009 FLAT (ZIP, 24 KB), SAS (ZIP, 43 KB) PDF (868 KB) Report
2008 FLAT (ZIP, 24 KB), SAS (ZIP, 38 KB) PDF (653 KB) Report
2007 FLAT (ZIP, 23 KB), SAS (ZIP, 37 KB) PDF (619 KB) Report
2006 FLAT (ZIP, 24 KB), SAS (ZIP, 37 KB) PDF (299 KB) Report
2005 FLAT (ZIP, 24 KB), SAS (ZIP, 37 KB) PDF (362 KB) Report
2004 FLAT (ZIP, 31 KB), SAS (ZIP, 57 KB) PDF (1.1 MB) Report
2003 FLAT (ZIP, 31 KB), SAS (ZIP, 47 KB) PDF (385 KB) Report
2002 FLAT (ZIP, 30 KB), SAS (ZIP, 56 KB) PDF (389 KB) Report
2001 (Revised) FLAT (ZIP, 30 KB), SAS (ZIP, 46 KB) PDF (301 KB) Report
2000 FLAT (ZIP, 30 KB), SAS (ZIP, 41 KB) PDF (323 KB) Report
1999 (Revised) FLAT (ZIP, 30 KB) PDF (269 KB) Report
1998 (Revised) FLAT (ZIP, 30 KB) PDF (180 KB) Report
1997 (Revised) ACCESS (ZIP, 56 KB) * PDF (174 KB) Report
1996 (Revised) ACCESS (ZIP, 57 KB) PDF (179 KB) Report
1995 (Revised) ACCESS (ZIP, 47 KB) PDF (178 KB) Report
1994 (Revised) ACCESS (ZIP, 49 KB) PDF (183 KB) Report

* Access files for FY 1994 - FY 1997 are in Access 97 format.

1 Please read this important notice concerning Connecticut's data (Revised September 2014) (PDF; 177 KB)

If you have questions about the content of the survey files, please email IMLS Staff.