Each year State Data Coordinators (SDCs) report data for the Public Libraries Survey (PLS) to us. If you’re an SDC, this page can help you report your data and find related resources.

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Contact the PLS Help Desk at PLS@air.org or 1-866-744-5746 between 9am—5pm ET to answer your questions about reporting your PLS data.

For libraries who need a FSCS ID before the submission period:

SDCs should send an email to Marisa Pelczar that establishes the library's existence, and includes its name, address, and other pertinent information (new-date open, if known: telephone, fax, web address; future-approximate date to open and if any other information is known). Please state whether this library is a new Administrative Entity (AE) or an outlet (and what AE it falls under). IMLS will forward the information to AIR who will assign an FSCS ID for the library. AIR will contact the SDC by email with the FSCS ID of the new library.

For information regarding TechSoup please email Beven Garrett.