Gadsden Arts, Inc.

Log Number: MA-15-19-0029-19

The Gadsden Arts Center and Museum will work with a diverse committee of volunteer quilting hobbyists, guest scholars, and organizations across Florida's Big Bend Region to celebrate generations of quilting traditions in Gadsden, Leon, and Jefferson Counties. The project team will curate an exhibition of quilts borrowed from private and museum collections. The quilts are from the 1830s to the present. Interpretive programs will be designed for people of all ages and levels of experience. These programs will help visitors explore the practical and social value of quilting across generations and highlight common values across diverse communities. A community-wide public art project, the Big Bend Quilt Trail, will be created in partnership with organizations, museums, schools, and other partners. The trail will engage the broader community to promote the exhibition, expand this celebration of quilting traditions, and promote community revitalization.