Lebanon Public Library

Log Number: LG-36-19-0071-19

The Lebanon Public Libraries (Lebanon, NH), with the Westchester Public Library System (Westchester County, NY), The Cherry Hill Public Library (Cherry Hill, NJ), and the LEAP Encryption Access Project will develop software called LibraryVPN which will allow libraries to host a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for library users. VPNs can keep people from harvesting and selling personal data, prevent malicious actors from seeing internet traffic when connected to open WiFi, and help prevent other types of online tracking which compromise people's privacy. This grant will be the first phase of the LibraryVPN project and aims to produce a product that can be trialed by a small number of test libraries. In the second phase, feedback produced by this phase will be incorporated to make the product ready for general adoption by libraries. The third phase of this project would involve promoting it to libraries and assisting libraries with adoption.
Project Proposals